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Wild Life Vodka is made from 100% Albertan grain. This product shows wonderful vanilla notes on the nose from the main ingredient, Albertan wheat. On the palate it begins with a soft, sweet and buttery texture of the spirit. This is followed closely by a gentle warming that mellows evenly in the back of the mouth. Left on the tongue is a lasting complex character coming from the small amount malted barley within the grain bill.

Sweet, and smooth: A beautiful display of what a premium vodka can really taste like.




Wild Life Gin embodies balance. Juniper and citrus notes on the nose: these pop right out of the glass. Fresh lemon and blood orange lead the way, with classic juniper and coriander close behind. Then the unmistakable texture of our grain base spirit shines through the middle palate. The finishing spices come through at the end in the back of the mouth completing the trio.

Nose, body, finish: Check, check and check.

The overproof of 43.3% abv. allows the nose and body of this gin to stand up in a martini or a cocktail without getting lost in solution.



Alberta Botanical Gin

Wild Life Alberta Botanical Gin is our expression of summertime in this great province. AB Gin is produced exclusively during the summer months, and contains 100% locally wild foraged ingredients. Mother Nature dictates the recipe each year and the abundance of flavours to choose from ensure this product will remain a highlight at the distillery every summer. Be sure to try it seasonally for the wonderful variations in expression of Albertan flora.



Barrel-aged Gin

Wild Life Barrel-aged gin finds balance among super powers: oak and juniper. Maturing in oak barrels allows our classic WLD Gin to mellow and mingle with the white oak. On the nose, sweet, soft bourbon notes dance with citrus and juniper. The mid palate finds layers of candied oranges and spice and that invite you to hold this spirit in your mouth just a few moments longer. The long finish lingers leaving room for contemplation; like a fine whisky, every sip offers up something new.

At a surprising 47.2% abv. the softness and smoothness of this gin is simply wonderful.



Tonic Syrup

Wild Life Tonic Syrup makes the sun shine longer... 

Fresh citrus, bright lemongrass and quinine naturally derived from cinchona bark, combine beautifully to create the perfect G&T. Mix in your favourite glass with WLD Gin and top with soda. 

1oz. Tonic Syrup + 1.5-2oz. WLD Gin + 3-4oz. Soda = Heaven in a glass

Amaro Bottle.png


Wildcat Amaro is an ode to the Old World. Rich and complex flavours are layered into this versatile spirit. Amaro, Italian for "bitter", can be enjoyed after dinner as a digestif, or in many classic cocktails. Our WLD Vodka is infused over a number of months with the following herbs, roots and spices: Orange peel, lemon peel, vanilla, mint, wormwood, gentian and cacao. It is then blended with the Traditional Mead from the Fallentimber Meadery. This combination of herbs and honey is the perfect dance between bitter and sweet.

No artificial colouring. Non-chill filtered.